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What is self hypnosis

Self hypnosis is a great tool of change and transformation for all those who dare to reinvent itself. It is a pleasure to share this tool with you!

What is self hypnosis

Hypnosis is a natural state that everyone has already experienced. The most common and most used state of hypnosis is a state that is located halfway between wakefulness and sleep. You know this state when you start to fall asleep? You still hear sounds and conversations around you, and your imagination is taking you away.

But the state of hypnosis is not only this state between waking and sleeping. When you read a book that activates your imagination, you are in a form of hypnosis. You are absorbed by what you read and you experience emotions related to this reading. The same thing happens when you are in front of a good movie.

Self-hypnosis is to voluntarily use this state to activate unconscious capacity to influence your emotions and behavior, and positively transform you. By creating a bridge between your ordinary consciousness and your subconscious, it allows you to be more relaxed (e), more available, more creative and more focused in general.

What is self hypnosis useful for ?

Through self-hypnosis, you can learn to better control your emotions. Emotions are generated by the unconscious based on what you perceive the outside world but also in terms of what you tell yourself about this world. So you can detach unhappy emotions related to the past, or generate optimal emotions for an important event coming.

Many of our unconscious behaviors are rooted in our emotions. One can for example use a behavior like snacking to help manage emotion. Self hypnosis helps change behavior by acting directly on the emotions the source of this behavior, but also finding other more suitable behaviors to manage that emotion.

By inspiring others and mentally repeating what they are inspiring, it is possible to transform through self-hypnosis. A person who wishes to be at ease in public can learn from people who have this ease. In self-hypnosis, she will first see these people, then imagine her in their place and finally feel things as if real.

The stages of a self-hypnosis session

Any self hypnosis session begins with preparation. It is of course first to make sure we will not be disturbed, and to set a clear goal for the session. This objective should be formulated positively. For example, I want to feel comfortable, relaxed, smiling and confident in asking for a raise to my boss. Then select the protocol you will use to achieve that goal.

Then the induction phase allows to enter the hypnotic state. This is the time when we will make the relaxation suggestions, let go, concentration, learning, etc … These are the states that are trying to achieve for the meeting was effective. Induction that I love is the imaginary journey: eyes closed, you imagine you go out of your body and you fly over the city to a place where you feel particularly at ease and available.

Once in the hypnotic state, it’s time to use the change of protocol chosen in the preparation phase. I can for example use the memory of a time when I was particularly comfortable and confident in asking something important to a superior. And keeping this state, I visualize myself asking my increasing my boss.

And finally, of course, comes the moment of awakening and taking action!

If you want to experience hypnosis being guided (e) in all these steps, you can use the sessions below !


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