How To Stop Procrastinating

Actor’s job is to act and be in the moment.

Procrastination is the opposite : it takes you out of the moment, and out of the action.

As an actor, you have to work for yourself and creat your own work schedule. You chose this job because you want to enjoy the freedom of being your own boss and having fun doing what you like. But there are several things you need to do in order to give yourself a chance to succeed.

Procrastination is a time stealer. It will take your time and leave you with nothing.

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Self-hypnosis can help you overcome your procrastination habit.  Here is how to stop procrastinating now :

Find your motivation

Whatever you need to do, it will be easier if you know why you have/want to do it. You can ask yourself what will happen if you don’t do it.

What are the benefits of doing it ?

Some people will picture the relief they will feel when the job is done. And that motivates them to do it.

Use your imagination the right way

Your imagination has the power to make you do things or avoid doing it. If you can’t overcome procrastination, it’s probably because you use your imagination in a bad way.

Do you associate a bad feeling to the activity ? Is there a fear behind it ?

Imagine yourself doing the activity you are procrastinating. What do you feel ? Ho can you make it more attractive ?

Make it easy to start

Many people procrastinate because it’s just too difficult to start. Make it easy to start by deciding where and what to do.

Start for 5 minutes

Our brain is made to continue the activity we are doing. After you’ve started, it will be much easier to continue. Just start for 5 minutes, and see if you don’t want to continue after that.

Your motivation anchor

When was the last time you were really motivated ? Remeber this time fully and feel the motivation growing. When you feel this motivation again, press your fingers together. Now you can trigger this feeling by pressing the same fingers. Press your fingers and visualise yourself doing what you have to do.


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