3 Exercices To Improve Your Voice

I just saw The Artist, a magnificent film that really touched me. The hero is a silent film actor sinking slowly into oblivion because he missed the transition to talkies.

I will not say more on this film in order not to spoiler history, just “go see”!

During the film, I asked myself a few questions about the importance of his voice work for films. In the theater, it is clear that the voice work is required to be heard by the deaf in the last row, but cinema, one might think that the microphones used to precisely compensate for the lack of voice and the voice work is not so important.

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Voice work is mandatory !

It is a mistake to think that his voice work is not essential to the film actor.

In fact, his voice work goes far beyond simply being heard. The voice work is work on the vibration and the resonance of the body, which gives the player greater ease and greater freedom of expression. Besides, I happen to not work my voice during certain periods (shame on me) and I feel my strained vocal cords, contracted my neck and I tend to close me about myself … Instead when I work regularly my voice, I feel freer and more confident.

Kids know fun with their voice. Babies love to listen to scream! That’s how they learn to modulate their voices, and later singing. And babies often have more votes than adults, whereas with a small body like one wonders how they are to scream so loud. Maybe it’s just because it’s natural.

But we have learned more silent to express ourselves, and that’s what makes that many people are afraid of their voice, or do not dare to say what they want and express their feelings. I am one of those people, I was gagged but I am aware that I can work on it.

Obviously, the better for his voice work is to take classes with a professional, and sing. But it is also possible to work his voice at home, with a few simple exercises.

His voice work is also working his breathing and the first year that I propose is a breathing exercise.

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Working his voice vibrate better to breathe better

This exercise can be done lying down or standing. It is easier to start lying.

Start lie down to take a moment to relax. Let go of the tension, let your body rest on its support. And become aware of the natural breath which is already present. Concentrate only on the flow of respiratory movement.

When you are well aware of your breathing, breathe deeply to fully empty the air from your lungs and begin the following cycle:

1- At the end of your exhalation, release stomach muscles and allow air to enter. It is relaxing muscles which creates suction, you have to make any effort.

2- Once the stomach fills up, you let the air fill your chest, lift your ribs, and depart.

3- You hold a short breathing suspension

4- Blow by tightening the abdominal muscles and doing his ch … Expel air from the stomach.

5- Keep chasing air chest.

6- At the end of expiration, stay snorkeling and wait for the intake of air. Repeat in 1.

Working his voice playing rollercoaster with your voice.

The second exercise to work her voice is more sound exercise. This is to make curves with his voice.

It’s a fun exercise, you play roller coaster with your voice!

Take a comfortable position and start to emit a sound O. Whatever the height of this sound, this will be your starting point for the rollercoaster.

If you view the note and sound as a line, your first sound will be a straight line.

Now have fun making curves up and down this sound. You will draw curves and increasingly large as you win in vocal amplitude.

Take it easy, and always be attentive to your sensation. It is better the more ease as performance to work his voice in the fun!


voice work: The pen in mouth

And finally, an exercise to work his speaking voice, take a simple text and pencil.

Place the pencil between your molars and simply read the text aloud. The pencil will force you to keep your jaw open and articulate.

Read the text being aware of your breathing. Exhale through your stomach when you talk, and relax your muscles when you need to take to the air.


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This article comes from my french website : 3 exercices simples pour travailler sa voix


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