Hello ! My name is Binh, i’m a french actor and hypnotherapist.

I started acting at 24 and took a lot of classes. And as i was learning how to act, i was also facing my own limitations and negative beliefs. I also witnessed some of these beliefs in others.

I’ve been interested in hypnosis as much as in acting since i believe these are two very connected disciplines. In both Acting and Hypnosis, we work on the subconscious mind.

I believe we can use hypnosis to improve our acting abilities as well as changing our self-destructive behaviors that stop us from being succesful.

My goal with this website is to share what i learn about Hypnosis and Acting to help actors live better. Because Actors and Actresses deserve much more than the pain they go through on a daily basis.

I also have a website in French : www.etreacteur.fr


My main acting credit to this day is the role of Minh is  Larry Clark’s movie The Smell Of Us

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