Self-acceptance and Self-confidence

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Self-acceptance: the first step towards self-confidence

When beginning a personal development work, it is often because we are trying to overcome our limitations.

Self-acceptance may appear to be a renunciation of self improvement. However, self-acceptance is actually the essential base to support future improvements.

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The inner critic and the feeling of being a loser

We all have within us a voice is that of our inner critic. That voice is sometimes that of a parent or teacher who criticized you and mistakes that you emotionally punished for those mistakes.

However, it is normal to make mistakes in all learning. And take that voice to your account, and you criticize yourself about your mistakes is a way to keep you in emotional state of helplessness or pity yourself.

And this state of helplessness prevents you from actually progressing.


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Positive thinking does not work without self-acceptance.

You may have tried affirmations and positive thinking to try to eliminate your weaknesses but you have felt that it was not working.

Maybe you have tried to take over and improve, but although you did you stay in the same spot.

Maybe you spend your time pretending to hide your limitations to others, but inside you still feel too bad and it isolates you from others.

Accepting oneself with hypnosis

In fact, it is from the moment yourself you agree that you really can progress and improve.

By accepting yourself, you tell your inner critic that it is not necessary for him to criticize you constantly about everything and anything. You offer him the opportunity to speak objectively and calmly in order to recognize your mistakes and look for possible solutions.

Accepting yourself is to be able to observe our strengths and weaknesses calmly accept them and focus on what is important to improve.

When you are able to speak or calmly discuss the areas in which you feel your limits, you are showing true confidence.

Accepting oneself for more freedom and confidence

With self-acceptance comes the opportunity to calmly improve and progress in the areas that are really important to you.

Self-acceptance allows you to stop trying to prove himself or to seek the approval of others. This way you give to others the opportunity to know you and appreciate you for who you are. And you give them assurance that you can, you also accept them as they are.


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