Increase Self-Confidence

Self-confidence is a rather vague concept. Some people are capable of incredible things and consider their point of view they lack confidence.

Confidence varies. You can have confidence in you doing the dishes and do not trust you talking to a stranger on the street. You can have confidence in you by asking your way to a stranger, but not with an invitation to have a drink.

What is confidence?

If you think you generally need more confidence in you, specify what that means.

In what specific situations? What would you do in these situations if you had confidence? How would you feel physically having more confidence in you in this situation?

Ask all the necessary questions to define what it means to trust you. And for every situation, you can do the same, so you’ll have a much clearer picture of what confidence means to you. .

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Self-confidence is learned

“I lack confidence in myself” is generally thought. In reality, there are many moments in life when you have confidence in you. Whether getting up, getting dressed, making your toilet, making the storage, or by pressing the switch to turn on the light.

There are already many times when you do things with confidence without asking you if you will get there or not.
People who have great confidence in them are actually people who have the ability to do more things like that. And it is often the result of learning. A person who is comfortable speaking in public has undoubtedly had failed several times before being completely comfortable.

The more you will trust you in specific situations, the more you can extend that confidence to other situations. If you are comfortable writing a letter but not to express oral, first read a letter aloud.

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Take small steps to expand your comfort zone.

It is often said that your freedom is outside of your comfort zone. True, but if you think to release you’ll have to do something that is 10 terminals in your comfort zone, there is little chance that you do. You expand your comfort zone by a step further from its current limit. You’ll soon another then another and you’ll realize that your comfort zone has become immense.

Inspiring you to all those little moments when you have confidence in yourself, you can access this confidence in you in other times. This is the principle used in the self-hypnosis mp3 Believe in Self, where you will be guided in particular to regain that feeling of confidence in the small moments of everyday life.


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For a french version of this article, visit : Avoir confiance en soi


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