3 steps to change limiting beliefs

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You’ve probably heard of affirmations and positive thinking to change His Life. The idea is to repeat positive thoughts and affirmations daily Convinced fully up to being white.

Purpose There Is a problem: it can do more harm than Good if you do not do it the right way. Repeat affirmations gold strength yourself to think positive thoughts is useless if you do not believe.

In this article, I’ll give you the keys to positive thoughts-have you really believe That.

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Our beliefs affect our lives

The idea behind the affirmations and positive thinking what we think Is That, we believe profit Especially what influences our life. If you think like “I am motivated every day to change my life,” goal you do not, You Will say this sentence in your head goal others will come from your subconscious to tell you “not at all, you’re not able. ”

By cons, if you say it and you believe it, other sentences or pictures from your subconscious will come to supporting this assertion as “it is true, moreover I read an Article That Will help me.” 😉

In fact, it is our beliefs Our Lives That influences.

What is a belief?

A belief influences us unconsciously. These are not the thoughts every day-have That We aim through the filters qui we Perceive reality.

A belief causes a feeling or set of feelings in relation to a situation. And That Is What Gives Them so much power: beliefs affect us emotionally.

We now Know That Most of the decisions we make every day are linked to our emotions. And emotions are conditioned by our beliefs.

Some beliefs motivate us to do better and Some prevent prevention us from doing so. And yet certain, we are acting in the opposite the direction of what is good for us. Limiting beliefs are Those That prevent prevention Achieving a goal from us, make us act or That Contrary to what we want: self-sabotage.

The influence of your beliefs That Behaviors are Those That trigger in you a sense of certainty. It’s very significant To Understand That to change your beliefs with the process I’ll give you.


Change these self-limiting beliefs !


Often this is Attributed To quote Gandhi:

“Your beliefs Become your thoughts,

Become your thoughts your words,

Become your words your actions

Become your shares your clothes,

Your clothes Become your capital gains,

your gains Become your destiny. ”


You Will Always find evidence for your beliefs

Obviously, it comes to limiting When beliefs, it is uncommon to Recognize Them as Such. Beliefs poses truths in your mind. And it is PRECISELY Because You take ’em for the truths They affect you so Strongly.

The fact Is That You Will Always find evidence to show That your beliefs are true. And you subconsciously looking for this evidence, You Will interpret events in order to Strengthen this belief. And act selon this interpretation.

It can give unconscious reasoning as “All the rich are idiots (belief), the proof Is That my boss who is very rich est very con (proof), so if I am rich I will Become con (belief partner after the first) so I do everything to Avoid enrich myself (behavior). ”


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How to Identify limiting beliefs

You can Identify your limiting beliefs in different ways. From Behaviors That golden situations bother you, you ask yourself May “what beliefs I have about this situation? What are the beliefs That drive me to behave this way?”

Remember, beliefs masquerade as truth influences for you. The common mistake is to take ’em to the facts. A fact be “my boss Said That,” a belief is “anyway, all bosses are idiots.”

Here are Some keywords are That Often clues That a belief is hidden behind:

Anyway … / … Anyway … so it is dead / … so it’s not possible, that’s how it’s not because … / This is Because can not …. I will not do it because … I’m too … for … I’m not good enough … to …

Examples of limiting beliefs

“Everyone Thinks I’m an idiot” “We must crush others to get rich” “I’m not smart enough for the job / this work / thesis studies”

Positive beliefs or energizing helpful

Useful beliefs are positive and energizing the you-have beliefs about yourself or the world That Help You move forward in your projects and give you energy, dynamism. They are not Necessarily true That your limiting beliefs are more goal Useful Because They Help You Accomplish your projects.

In the Sami way as limiting beliefs, you can find evidence to Support and Strengthen thesis beliefs. You already-have a number Otherwise You Would not be here.

Examples of positive beliefs

“Most people can Recognize my qualities” “I can enrich myself by Bringing value to others” “I can learn and Develop my skills for gold Such work Such studies”


 change Beliefs process in 3 steps

Now That You Understand better limiting beliefs and How They work, here is the process for change:

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1.Harvest the limiting beliefs and positive beliefs

The first step is to reap the beliefs limit you and That That You Will changes. For That, I advise you to have-have notebook and jot down all your limiting beliefs on the left page and your positive beliefs on the right page. (Start with a sheet if you do not-have a notebook handy)

Harvest your limiting beliefs

As soon as you spot a limiting belief, write it down in your notebook. If Necessary, reread above “How to Identify limiting beliefs.”

For every belief That You noted in your book, ask yourself the questions: How is this belief influences my behavior? What can show me That this is wrong?

Think for a moment by writing your belief. In this way, You Will begin to associate the act of writing your limiting beliefs on the left page to Actually starting to doubt it.

Choose positive beliefs you want

For Each limiting belief you Noted, identify the positive belief That you want to install INSTEAD and write it on the right page. This belief Is not Necessarily Opposed to the limiting belief. It is a belief That Will Help You Where the old limiting belief you blocked.

Ask yourself The Following questions: How positive belief I can replace? How this new belief Will help me? What proof positive That this belief is true?

Formulate this new belief in terms of process Will Be more effective in terms of results. For example, if you want to learn a new discipline, Rather than believing “I know all of this discipline,” belief “I learn and Easily with Enthusiasm” will be more effective.

Carefully choose your new beliefs Because They Will affect your life! (If You Realize That They Are not suitable, you can always exchange process with the Sami)


2.Doubt limiting beliefs

What actions do you naturally When You are not sure about something? Some people waving, shrug, make a face with the mouth … If you can not find the things you do naturally When you say something That You doubt, invent one!

Remember que le That influences our beliefs Behaviors Those are which one is the safest?

The idea here is to issue your limiting beliefs, qui Will Make Them lose Their impact on you. For this, it is very simple:

With the gesture That You selected, start Saying things you already suspect. For example, you Could Say “Tomorrow There Will Be hail,” or “an old lady Will ring at my door in 10 minutes.” Say more things and make you doubt this gesture Simultaneously.

This Will allow you to associate the act with the feeling of doubt. Say thesis sentences aloud and notice the tone of your voice, hesitations, your feeling of doubt.

You can say Slightly absurd Things That amuses you gold. The significant thing Is That It Is Unlikely attainable goal (less than you believe 10%).

After several sentences associated with this kind gesture, you can continue to make the gesture, Saying Each limiting belief you want to disable. This Will probably transfer the feeling To That belief so That It Will Have more impact on you.


3. Acquire certainty with positive beliefs

After Doubted limiting your beliefs, it’s time to gain certainty about your positive beliefs. For this, it is the principle with Sami Reviews another gesture.

What work do you do When you say you believe in something hard as iron? How do you feel at That Moment?

Take this gesture gold invented and made it into one Saying Things That you know. Take single Certainties have your first name, age, birth dates, places, etc … In this way, You Will certainty transfer this to your positive beliefs. You Will have to believe facts have to know as much as you know how your name and Where You Live.

Once you’ve made this gesture several times Saying Certainties, keep doing the gesture affirming your new beliefs. You Will Form That You-have this sense of certainty by Saying ’em.

Now you know how to change your limiting beliefs and replace ’em with you-have valuable beliefs Chosen!

You Plan for the Future

To give maximum efficiency to the change of belief That You just made, take a moment to imagine what Will it change in your future.

Close your eyes and let yourself go to a state of inner reverie. You can start it by focusing your breathing, Then ask yourself what new beliefs thesis Will changes in you. What’s going to change around you in your environment? What’s going to change your behavior? What you’ll be ble to do?

In this way, you Will Have a lasting change in your beliefs That Will Positively affect your life for a long time.


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