how to be confident in life

How To Be Confident In Life And Acting


I used to think that actors were confident people. Now that i’m surrounded by actors, i can just see that they also suffer from shyness or the lack of confidence. But they work on it. Actors need to know how to be confident in life in order to thrive in his business. And confidence is sexy, and sexy is what sells.


How To Be Confident In Life

Confidence comes and goes with success and failure

You have probably experienced times in your life when you were feeling really confident. Maybe because you had such a success that you were feeling unstoppable. And that feeling was great but it didn’t last long.

Confidence is a fluctuent feeling. It comes and goes with the experiences we have in life. You can sometime feel very confident and the next day feel like a looser. And you can feel like a looser today and feel very confident in a few minutes.

Success creates confidence : start with small successes

If you want to know how to be confident in life because you need it for a project, remember that confidence comes from the successes that you have. Give yourself some small goals that you know you’ll be able to achieve. It will fuel your success, and you will then be able to succed with greater goals.

If your big goal is too scary, cut it down into smaller goals.


Decide that everything comes for the best

Now if success makes you feel confident, failure can make you loose confidence. Unless you know how to be confident in life when you face failure.

If you decide that failure doesn’t exist, you will see everything as an opportunity. If you can change your mindset to see everything as a test or an experience, you will have the results you need to succeed. And you will learn from everything.

Just decide that everything that happens to you is helping you to achieve your dream.


Take care of your health

You need to be healthy to be confident in life. When you take care of yourself, your body will thank you by giving you some positive hormones that will make you feel good and confident.

Can you notice some moments when you feel less confident after eating certain type of food ? Excessive sugar can mess your system and make you feel powerless sometimes. Good eating habits will help you be more confident.

Sports will also help you as you’ll feel more physically able to achieve things.

Every technique to teach you how to be confident in life will work better if you’re in good health.


How To Be Confident In Life Now ?

Practice calmness and be in the present moment

Sometimes we can be so agitated that we loose confidence because we don’t know how to focus. The practice of calmness and awareness is a great tool to be more confident.

Take some time to just sit and relax and focus on your breathing. Letting go of all your worries and concerns as you focus on the feeling of calmness that is inside you. Do that as much as you can and every time you need to be more confident.

Your subconscious mind knows how to be confident in life. When you stop focusing on your worries and wome back to the present moment, your subconscious mind will give you the confidence you need. Because you need it now.

In martial arts, it is well known that presence is the source of confidence. If a martial artist is really present, he can react to whatever happens. But if he tries to guess what the opponent is gonna do, he looses confidence.

Be here now !


Use your memory

This one is the opposite. You can do this when you need to be more confident but your not in the action yet. It will help you feel generally more confident.

Just close your eyes and use your memory and imagination to go back to a time and place where you were feeling really confident. Recreate this situation with all your senses and enjoy these feelings as you allow your body to relax. When you’re there, you can anchor that feeling by taping your hands on your leg for example. Enjoy it for a moment, then come back into the present moment.

Now everytime you’ll need more confidence, you can use the anchor you’ve created. Just tap your hands on your legs as you did during the relaxation, and you’ll feel that feeling coming back.


Now that you know how to be confident in life, you can also use hypnosis to help you feel unstoppable.

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