how to deal with rejection

How To Deal With Rejection

Actors have to deal with rejection on a daily basis. And for our animal brain, rejection means danger. It means that you won’t have the protection you need to survive.  Knowing how to deal with rejection is an important skill in this business since you have to deal with it.


Even though we know that we will have to face rejection, the feeling of being rejected still hurts and can lead to procrastinating. But the good news is that hypnosis can help you make this feeling more acceptable.

 How To Deal With Rejection On The Subconscious Level

Accept the rejection

If you want to know how to deal with rejection, you first have to accept rejection. Most of the time, when we are feeling rejected, we reject the rejection. We try to reject that feeling on others, blaming them or praying for revenge.

And that’s what hurts : the anger of being rejected.

You have to learn to feel okay with being rejected. And visualisation can help you with that.

You can close your eyes, relax and connect to your inner joy, and imagine yourself in a place where you’re feeling very relaxed, very secure. When you’re really connected to that place, you imagine a situation from your past or an imaginary situation where you were rejected. Just watch this situation on the screen of your mind, and continue to focus on the feeling of relaxation.

If you feel some anger or sadness or any unpleasant feeling, just go back to your place of joy, relaxation and security. Re-connect to your inner security. And when you’re ready, explore a new situation where you have to deal with rejection. And keep the feeling of security with you.

With some practice, you will be able to accept the rejection and still feel secure.

For a great hypnosis session to deal with rejection, just listen to this one : Click Here.

Now that you know how to deal with rejection on a subconscious level, let’s see how you can deal with rejection on the conscious level :


How To Deal With Rejection On The Conscious Level

It’s not about you

If it helps for you, you can also use rationalisation to recognize that it is not about you. If you were not selected for a particular job, this might be because of many factors. And you can’t decide which one. Just accept that they might have chosen someone else they find more suitable for the project and move on.

Maybe, it a sign that this project was not for you. Whatever thoughts work for you, you can use them to help you feel better. Just make sure you don’t get stuck into anger or blaming other people.


Get back to work

During the process that led you to this feeling of rejection, you might have learned something. Take some time to figure out what were your mistakes if you made some, and work to get better.


If you really don’t know how to deal with rejection, you might need some exterior help. Hypnosis is a great tool, but you might be unable to use it by yourself if you’re facing some strong emotions.

You need to be guided, and that’s why i recommend you the following hypnosis sessions :

Overcome Fear Of Rejection or Dealing With Rejection

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