Believe in Yourself as An Actor

Whether to get started an acting carreer, or to progress in this carreer , one must first believe in yourself.

Will Smith said in an interview, but it’s not the only one: before anyone believes in you, you must believe in yourself. But believe in yourself is harder than it seems.

Some people are afraid of becoming arrogant if they really believe in them. And some arrogant people do not really believe in them and they only make up for their lack of confidence in dtruisant others. Most of us grew up lacking encouragement.

You have perhaps had teachers or relatives who have engueulpour you your mistakes, and they thought perhaps motivate you to do well and shaking the concrete. But this has mostly taught you to reproduce this way when speaking yourself. He still sometimes I surprise myself mentally yell at me, telling me I would have to do this or that, or that I’m not good enough, etc …

Fortunately, I now know to recognize these mental drives and a vacuum to refocus on what I want. To really believe in yourself, you have to change this mental dialogue we have with ourselves and even make it more encouraging, more reassuring and positive.

Speaking with encouragement, as you would talk a child learning something, you give yourself a much greater chance to learn and succeed. And studies show that if you believe in yourself, you get better results what you are doing.

I wish you a good inner encouraging and motivating dialogue !

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