How to Feel The Emotions

This is an automatic translation from my french article : Comment ressentir les émotions

How to Feel The Emotions

In this article I will share with you a technique to feel the emotions more easily on stage or in life.

Feel the emotions on stage

It’s natural to want to feel the emotions on stage. After all, it is also one of the pleasures of the profession to have the opportunity to explore a variety of emotions. But we must remember that emotions are not the end in itself of the scene. It is more important to seek to achieve its objective scene as wanting to feel emotions.

It’s your stage objective that will allow you to feel the emotions. In choosing a target scene that touches you personally, you will see that the emotions will come automatically.

So the first thing to do to feel the emotions on stage is to understand the situation and the character’s goal. Without that, the technique I’ll share with you will not be very effective.

Be dissociated

If you’re usually little emotional and you tend to be cut off from your emotions, so no matter whether you understand your character and purpose, you will not be able to feel the emotions.

Hypnotist language, in this case we say that a person is divorced. That means she saw things as if she was away from her body and watching from the outside.

Be dissociated prevents you from feeling emotions because you are too disconnected from your body. And emotions come first by physical sensations. You need to be more involved, more embodied in the body.
Being associated

Instead, some players are very involved and very present in the body. They go all the way into the character and performance are often excellent. By cons, they remain very involved in their lives and have trouble controlling their emotions outside the scene.

Partnering is to be in his body and see things from his own point of view, subjective view. Dissociate is to see things from the outside, objective view.

To master his emotions, it is important to be able to do both.
An exercise for training

You can train your ability to associate yourself with a simple exercise:

At the place where you are, you are viewing dissociated from the outside, like you’re above you. Then imagine that you enter into your body and feel the difference. Pay attention to the distance that separates you from your surroundings, pay attention to your physical sensations. Then imagine again that you are outside of your body. You can see the color of your clothes, your body shape, etc. Then enter back into your body, and feel the texture of your clothes, feel the position of your body. You can make as many round returns.

You can also do this by observing another person. First observe that person from the outside, and then imagine that you are in your body and you see things from his perspective.

Feel the emotions through self-hypnosis

This self-hypnosis mp3 based on this principle will help you better feel the emotions, either on stage or in life.

Accompanying this session will help you to use and integrate this technique to be able to feel the emotions on stage or in life, or you detach if necessary. 

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