Self-Hypnosis For Weight Loss

Self-hypnosis for weight loss is an often requested application of persons interested in self-hypnosis.

Many people who have used hypnosis to lose weight by using a hypnotist. And it is logical that self-hypnosis for weight loss is also effective.

In this article, I refer specifically to the use of self-hypnosis to lose weight, but most of the concepts and techniques developed here can be applied successfully in other areas.

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You get more of what you focus on

In your quest for weight loss, sometimes you probably often think of the kilos that you have too. By focusing on those extra kilos, you prevent you from reaching your ideal weight.

The reason you are unable to concentrate on anything else, it is because the emotional charge that you associate with your excess weight is greater than the emotional charge associated with your ideal weight.

Exercise self-hypnosis for weight loss below will help you focus more easily on your ideal weight. I suggest you read once all the steps to understand them and to practice the exercise.

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The first step in self-hypnosis for weight loss is therefore to reduce this emotional charge.

Think for a moment your excess weight, all those kilos that you would lose. What a thrill it raises in you? You may notice a mixture of emotions, what is the main emotion? Is it anger, is it sadness, disgust, impotence, etc …?

On a scale of 0 to 10, where 10 is the maximum level, what level of emotion are you when you think your excess weight?

It is possible that the emotion you feel is related to an event from your past, and it will be important to work on this event to allow weight loss. If necessary, get help from a Hypnosis Practitioner.

While you think about those extra kilos, press set for 1 s the little finger and thumb of your left hand.

Now you activate the emotions to the opposite of those you felt.

To do this, first identify the main emotion you want. If you feel anger, it could be joy, if you feel impotence, it could be the power.

Close your eyes and imagine situations in which you felt that emotion or that evoke in you that emotion.

Amplify this emotion by adding your details inside movie that will allow you to increase that emotion. You can increase the image size, color, adding light, music, a voice tells you something nice, and that emotion that increases in the body with pleasant physical sensations that correspond to them …

When you strongly feel that emotion, press together the little finger and thumb of the right hand. Keep them together and continue to add details and to feel more strongly that emotion.

While continuing, press one second finger and thumb of your left hand and release the left hand. Continue with the right hand to earn positive emotions a few seconds.

Then open your eyes and think back to your excess weight. At what level on the scale of 0-10 emotion is it down?

Repeat the process until you can think of your excess weight with a negative emotion to 1 or 2 maximum.

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The second stage of self-hypnosis to lose weight now is to combine a good dose of positive emotions to your ideal weight.

Think of your ideal weight, make sure it’s a realistic goal and that will not put your health at risk (you can use the Body Mass Index to help you determine your ideal weight).

Imagine that you have reached that ideal weight, what it allows you to do?

How do you feel with this ideal weight? What does this change in your environment, in your wardrobe? How the eyes of others changes on you?

How does your behavior change? In the way you walk, to introduce you to others?

What you are able to do that you could not do before?

What do you say about yourself and your body?

How does having reached the ideal weight allows you to believe in yourself more?

Of all the benefits you are to reach this ideal weight, what is most important to you?

What does that tell you?

Beyond the personal satisfaction, what does this mean to you on a spiritual level?

Press again the finger and thumb of the right hand, and imagine different situations that address these issues. Y there one in particular that brings you the greatest positive emotion?

Now every time you set will press a finger and thumb of the right hand, you reconnect to all the positive emotions that will attract you to your ideal weight. You will find so easily motivated to reach your ideal weight by developing naturally and easily new habits.


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This article in French : Auto-hypnose pour maigrir


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