Introduction to self-hypnosis

Transcript of the video:
Hello everyone and welcome to this video site

Today I want to share with you a very simple technique of self-hypnosis: it is a technical introduction to self hypnosis that will allow you already explored hypnosis to explore the state what it is that this state of hypnosis and start having fun.

We will see later in other videos how to take advantage of this state of hypnosis to change emotions, to change its behavior etc …

In this video, it’s merely a discovery of the hypnotic state with a very simple exercise and fun as follows:

So first, put your hands like that a distance roughly distant from each other by 20 cm.

You set a point between the two hands so you set eyes made in a vacuum, and you begin to focus on the sensation of the hands, imagining that these hands are attracted to each other.

You will begin to feel, simply by wearing your attention on the palms or the fingers, feeling perhaps heat, a feeling of energy, can be a tingling in his fingertips.

And then you set the point between the two hands, you are even aware of the time left and the right hand.

And just, you imagine that the hands are attracted to each other.

You can imagine that there are magnets that attract these hands, and simply find that the hands are slightly closer to each other.

And that as these hands are approaching you enter the hypnotic state, you are more focused and attentive.

And you can also play by saying: look, the hands will move away from each other, as if I had in my hands a ball of energy that I would fill with what I want, by example of motivation, energy, wellbeing, relaxation, relaxation …

And you fill this ball of energy more hands move away.

Here ! already start with this very simple exercise to see that with your imagination and concentration you have the ability to act on the unconscious movements of your hands.

Have fun !

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