Technique To Fall Asleep

In this article I will share with you a technique to fall asleep simply and effectively through self-hypnosis. This is a technique to fall asleep that uses the creative imagination and gently guide you to a pleasant sleep.

Sleep is something pleasant and natural it is impossible to force. You can not fall asleep with the will or the same voltage as the one you use every day to do things.

Rather, sleep is installed from the moment you let go and agree to let you go.

Too many thoughts and too intense inner dialogue are brakes to sleep. When you think too much, your energy is condensed in the head instead of being equally distributed in the body.

On the contrary, when the body falls asleep, it cools by venting heat from the ends, feet and hands. By bringing the energy from the head to the feet and hands, so it promotes sleep

The technique to fall asleep in this article uses this principle and your creativity to help you fall asleep.

Often creative people have difficulty falling asleep because their brain is boiling.

The brain naturally creative mechanism is activated at night. It is through this mechanism that you can dream of including.

But it is also the mechanism that can prevent you from falling asleep if you use it to recreate situations of day when you felt bad, or to create unpleasant scenarios for the future.

This technique to sleep with self-hypnosis will use this creative mechanism to help you slip into a pleasant sleep.

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Technique to sleep: sleep bubble

In fact, this technique to sleep will allow you to drag you into the perfect sleep for you. One that suits you best and that is exactly what you need at that time.

This technique for falling asleep may require training from if you have great difficulty falling asleep but is generally effective as long as you put your concentration there.


The first step of this technique to fall asleep is to gather all the ingredients that you want in your sleep.

Start by imagining above your head a sleep bubble. This can be a light bubble, or a bubble of energy which contains sleep, as if the sleep could be a material.

Give the sleep bubble all the qualities you would like to sleep. Maybe you want to be gentle and nice, maybe you want to repair it, or entertaining with funny dreams.

You can put color in this bubble, give it a special texture, you can also make sounds, encouraging phrases, smells, symbols. All you want to sleep.

Ask yourself the following questions:

What do I need to sleep deeply? What ingredients I want to put in my sleep? What symbolizes these ingredients? What nice words I could put it in sleep? What texture I can give this bubble to make it more enjoyable? What can I add to make it even better sleep? Etc …

The more you fill this sleep bubble, the more you feel really exist above your head and you’ll want that bubble fill you.

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Second stage of this technique to sleep: invite this energy bubble to spread in you.

Let this sleeping bubble down into your body through the top of the skull. Let this energy diffuse into your head and face. Feel what that makes you. Feel these ingredients take effect on your face and skull.

Then let this energy spread in your body gently down towards the feet. Feel your body calms down as it invades your body sleep.

Let this energy spread your arms to the fingertips. Let the spread in your chest, your belly, your legs, toe to toe.

It is possible that you fall asleep before the bubble reaches your toes. In this case, you will realize that in the early morning …


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