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Reinvent yourself or be yourself ?

Many actors say that the big part of the journey is to get to know ourselves. We have to get rid of that mask that is stopping us from being truthfull. But sometimes, it means that we have to take some risks. Maybe it’s time to reinvent yourself.


Should you reinvent yourself or just be yourself ?


What it means to reinvent yourself

As you take a quick glance at your life or your career, you might recognize some patterns, some behaviors that you keep doing again and again. Change is good, and when you reinvent yourself, you can decide which changes you wanna make. Making some changes in your life will eventually change your life.

You can’t wait for new results if you keep doing the same actions.

You can reinvent yourself by making some changes in your habits, your activities or your behaviors. This will also help you overcome shyness if you need to.

In acting, of course, it also means that you have to change the way you act or the roles you work on.


What it means to be yourself

When you try to be someone else, you are just pretending. And you know, and everybody knows that you are not who you pretend to be. We often use a social mask to cover our weaknesses or what we think are our weaknesses. But we are much more than this mask.

Being yourself is the ability to express your feelings from your point of vue, and not trying to say what you guess other people wan’t to hear.

In your business relationships, you want to keep a friendly face of course. But you also want to show your personnality so that you can inspire people.

Being yourself doesn’t mean that you can’t reinvent yourself. It means that you accept your feelings and that you find a proper way to express them. Some people do that naturally and they shine with others. And some people need some help.


Reinvent yourself with hypnosis

Hypnosis will help you get in touch with your subconscious mind. And as you begin to feel that your subconscious mind is working for you, you will discover a new part of you.

Acting is about expressing different parts of you. And as you get in touch with these parts, you will feel that your self is expanding. You’re not limited to what you think your are.

You can use hypnosis to reinvent yourself and imagine new behaviors. And it will make you more authentic as these new behaviors will come from your subconsicous mind in collaboration with what you wan’t.


These hypnosis sessions will help you : Reinvent Yourself or Find a new You

To be more youself socially and relax socially, use Be Yourself.


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