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5 Communication Skills Every Actor Should Have

Acting is  a profession which requires a lot of communication skills. It is a business of relationship and it is important to be able to build postive relationships with everyone in the profession. It is a also a craft where your communication skills are used to create an experience for the audience.

Here is the top 5 communication skills every actors should have :


1. Deep listening

Listening is probably the most important communication skill every actor need. Actors need to be able to listen deeply, which means that they get affected by what’s being said. Listening is not only about being able to repeat the words that have been said. It’s about listening to what is being said behind these words.

Great actors are great listeners. They are completely present and open, and not preparing their lines or what they are about to say. And that works for real life too.

A great way to develop your listening skills is to take some Meisner classes.


2. Great non-verbal communication

Non-verbal communication skills are the most important communication skills. Non-verbal communication is responsible for the most part of what other people think and feel about you. Some scientist say that more than 70% of communication is non-verbal. You can just watch the video below to see a great example of how non-verbal communication influences people.

Non-verbal communication is everything in acting since that is what you bring to the text.


3. Imagination and Story Telling

Actors are story tellers. The business is about telling stories. Your communication skills are used to tell stories and to bring people in these stories.

Using your imagination while you talk will help you bring people in. Great story tellers often use images, details and impersonation to make their story more vivid. You have to see images in your imagination when you tell a story. Tell your story as if you were in it !


4. Relaxation

Actors are often very nervous. And this nervousness is getting in your way. It is blocking the flow of energy inside the body. People with great communication skills manage to stay relaxed when they communicate even when they are deeply touched by what they are saying.

Every great acting teacher have emphasized on the importance of being relaxed.

This video of Matt Damon says it all :


5. Being Truthfull and Congruent

The previous communication skills listed will lead you to this last one : congruence. That happens when your verbal and non-verbal communication are conveying the same message. Being truthfull is not the easiest way to communicate. It’s the most rewarding.

Every actor wants to be truthfull when acting, but what about being truthfull in everyday life ? And it doesn’t mean saying the shit you think out loud. It’s more than that. It’s about expressing your feelings in the right way so that people you care about know what you really feel. And being yourself.


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