how to overcome social phobia and shyness

How To Overcome Social Phobia And Shyness As An Actor

Many actors report that they’ve started acting as a way to overcome shyness and gain confidence. And indeed, going on stage as a character can help you reinvent yourself in a way you would never be able to do in real life. But sometimes, actors remain shy and don’t know how to overcome social phobia and shyness in real life.


How to overcome social phobia and shyness easily


Shyness is a form of social anxiety. At some point in your life, you’ve been feeling anxious in the presence of new people. And someone labelled you as a “shy person”. Maybe someone who loved you deeply said that and you accepted it. But what if that person talked to you in a different way, encouraging you as the courageous person you are ?

Being shy is not BEING shy. It’s more ACTING shy… And that’s why many actors are able to overcome social phobia and shyness when they act.

To overcome social phobia and shyness, you must first realize that shyness is not you. It may be a part of you but it is not you.

You might wan’t to know how to overcome social phobia and shyness in order to be able to talk to people more easily. Acting is a social profession and you need to be at ease and comfortable with other people in order to succeed.

As shyness is a learned behavior, the good news is you can learn a new behavior to change it.

Can you remember a situation when you were very at ease with people ? People you knew, family or friends ? Can you recall how you act with people when you feel very confident around them ?

What did you do that you don’t do when you’re with strangers ? You start to see how to overcome social phobia and shyness…


Be the host


It is easier to overcome social phobia and shyness when you’re not thinking about what other people are going to think about you. Try being the host and making people feel comfortable. When you see how shy other people are, you can make them feel more comfortable by talking to them and being interested in them.




Social anxiety comes from the tensions that you have when you in society. By practicing relaxation more often, you will be able to release these tensions. You can learn to relax at home, then try it in a garden or a park, then in a crowded place. Even if you don’t talk to anyone, you will begin to feel more relaxed when you’re with other people. It will become a new skill that you can use in a more social venue where you have interactions with people.


Start small


Maybe you don’t know how to overcome social phobia and shyness because you never really tried. Start by taking some small steps. It might be making more eye contacts with people in the street or saying hello to your neighbours… And after a while you might catch yourself having a pleasant chit chat with someone.


How to overcome social phobia and shyness with hypnosis


Hypnosis is a great tool to help you overcome social phobia and shyness. Hypnosis will help you to relax and feel more at ease with yourself and other people. Being guided to relax and visualize yourself at ease in social situations will change your neurological patterns. You will activate new behaviors that you will automatically use in social situations. Your subconscious mind know how to overcome social phobia and shyness…

It’s a great way to improve your social skills. If you wan’t to go a step further a feel better socially, check these :

Overcome Shyness and Social Anxiety or Meeting people made easy


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