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Original article in French : Gérer son stress avant un casting.

To know how to manage its stress before a casting is a competence little taught in the schools. It is however essential since it can really make the difference. If you show in casting that you can manage your stress and give your best, one will trust you more for the stressing situation which is filming.

When one prepares with a significant event, it is normal to feel that its level of stress increases. To pass a casting is a performance, same manner that a match of tennis is a performance for the tennis player, or that an intervention is a performance for the GIGN.

It is the moment when all should be used which one learned since the beginning. I do not know how the members of the GIGN make to manage their stress before an intervention but the technique which I will give you will perhaps not function for them, you will understand why.

To decrease the challenges What generates the stress before a significant event, it is the challenge which there is behind. If you pass a casting for the next film of Steven Spielberg, you will undoubtedly be stressed more than if you pass a casting for the film of your cousin Richard who prepares the film that will show with the family next Christmas.

Thus to manage its stress before a casting, it is necessary to decrease the challenges by them. It is there that it goes less better for the GIGN, because if the intervention occurs badly, it is their life which is concerned. But a casting for a role of cop is nevertheless less dangerous and it is rather a chance to be able to pass it. And it would be still better to have it obviously…

You know already that result of casting depends not only on you, that there are hundreds of factors which return online of account, of the size of the actor who has already the role of the other character to the perfume of the mistress of the ex-husband of the director of casting which, not of bowl, is the same one as yours. In short, all that depends on you occurs before and during casting.

What occurs after that does not belong to you more. Technique of visualization to manage its stress before a casting This technique of visualization will enable you to be detached from the result of casting and to concentrate you on your performance.

You can make it after having taken knowledge of your text and before really starting to work above. That will enable you to concentrate then more easily on the character and your preparation. Start with you to install comfortably, by taking some deep breathings. You can close the eyes and slacken you.

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1st stage to manage its stress: the place resource

the first stage to manage its stress consists in creating a resource place, a place which will put to you in a feeling of wellness and relaxation. For that, imagine an imaginary or real place in which you feel well, really well. Take the time to feel the atmosphere of the place, to hear the noises, to see the forms and the colors, to feel it on what you rest, etc…

2nd stage to manage its stress: visualization

When you feel deeply well, you can begin the second phase. That consists in visualizing the moment when you pass casting, your state of mind before entering the room, your determination, until the moment when you leave the room by feeling you to trust of you, glad to have given best with you even. Now, which occurs between the moment when you arrive and the moment when you leave can vary. And it is all the tip there to manage its stress before a casting.

3rd stage to manage its stress: to be played of chaos

You each time will visualize this film several times while varying what occurs during casting. You can visualize that all occurs to wonder of course, the director of nice super casting puts to you at ease by telling some jokes on its cat, etc… The secrecy is to also visualize all that can badly occur: the lights which flap, the director of casting which throws you a glance exasperated by seeing you, atrocious odor of fart in the room, etc…

When you can imagine all that can badly occur and keep the insurance that you have in your resource place, plus nothing is not opposed so that you even give best you. At the beginning, this technique takes about fifteen minutes. Then, you will have so much integrated it in your unconscious that you will be able to manage your stress automatically.

Then you do not have any more but to concentrate you on your scene and to work!


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