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How Can I Stop Procrastinating And Start Acting ?

Procrastination is the ennemy for every worker. Every serious worker or entrepreneur asks himself “how can I stop procrastinating now”. Because procrastination makes you loose your money or your time.

When it comes to acting, procrastination can reveal your lack of self-belief, or your lack of organisation. Most of the time, we procrastinate because we simply don’t know where to start.


So How Can I Stop Procrastinating Now ?


Just do it ! Focus on starting

There’s a part of your brain that really doesn’t like to leave unfinished business. That’s the part of you that hates being interrupted because this part will continue to think about whatever you were doing.

That same part of you is the one which gets you stuck on Facebook because you don’t really know when it ends… You start checking your Facebook for 5 minutes and you stay for hours.

You can use this to your advantage ! How can I stop procrastinating by hacking my brain ?

Just start ! All you have to do is decide where to start, and just start the activity. If you’re working on a new play, you might start by reading it or printing your lines. Just focus on starting and you’ll be more likely to keep working after that.


Separate planning from doing

For the bigger projects, you might wan’t to plan your work and decide what you’ll do first. If you wan’t to write your own short film for example, you can cut this big task into smaller parts.

Take some time out to plan your work and decide the first tasks you’re going to achieve. Then decide a time to do it and write it down in your planning. You may wan’t to write the first thing you have to do to start the activity so that you’ll just have to start.

For your short film for example, you could decide that you first have to write down everything you wan’t to put in your film. And to start this activity, you just need to sit down with a pen and paper.

It’s a good idea to decide to allow yourself some time dedicated to planning every week.


How can I stop procrastinating with hypnosis

Sometimes, you don’t need to know how to stop doing something to stop doing it. You can also use hypnosis to stop procrastinating now. Hypnosis will use the power of your subconscious mind to help you.

You’re subconscious mind is not asking “How can i stop procrastinating”. Your subconscious mind is asking “what should i do next”. It’s waiting for the clear instructions from you conscious mind. But when you conscious mind is asking “how can i stop procrastinating”, your subconscious mind just hear the keyword “procrastinating”.

You need to reframe your subconscious mind so that you get to work sooner and avoid distractions. Hypnosis will help you with that  :

Check these hypnosis sessions : Overcome procrastination or Do It Now !

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