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How to become an actor of your life: 5 keys inspired by the profession of actor

You can look at your life as a spectator and endure it, or approach it as an actor in your life and take it in hand.

Hypnosis and acting have some unexpected things in common. However, these two disciplines modify the state of consciousness and make it possible to overcome unconscious limits.

Who has never seen or heard of an actor or actress who transforms on stage. The shy person stays behind the scenes and is a charismatic person who takes you on a journey through the story of their character.

To become an actor in your life, you must master a few fundamental levers.

In this article, I am going to share with you 5 keys that are used by professional actors and which can serve you to be an actor in your life.

Control your emotions and your level of reactivity

Actors are often seen as impulsive people dominated by their emotions and their need for recognition. But this is to ignore the qualities that the great actors have developed in the course of their work.

To be an actor in your life, it is important to control your emotions.

This means that you have to be able to feel emotions strongly when you want to, but also to detach yourself from certain emotions when necessary.

Often, the way we experience emotions depends on our presence and our connection to others.

This is another thing that can be learned through acting: by being present to the situation and being strongly connected to your partner, emotions are much stronger.

There is a reason for this: we are what we call in hypnosis “associated”. That is to say that we live things without any hindsight while feeling everything 100%.

On the contrary, to lower a negative emotion, you have to know how to dissociate yourself and take a step back.

Here is a simple exercise that will help you become aware of this mechanism:

Make yourself comfortable with your eyes closed.

And start by feeling all the sensations of the body: breathing, clothes on the skin, the temperature of the room, etc …

Then, keeping your eyes closed, recap the objects around you. What is in front of you, but also on the sides and behind you. As if you can see all around you 360 °.

And finally, listen to the sounds around you, determining their direction of origin.

By doing this, you are amplifying your ability to associate.

Now imagine that you are looking at your body from behind, or from one side. You see this body a few feet away from you.

And you may even start to imagine that you are moving further away, as if you are looking at your body and the room from a security camera or satellite.

By doing this, you are working on your ability to dissociate yourself.

You can do the same process, starting with a memory, for example, to see how you can deal with your emotions.

Become an actor in your life by mastering your physiology and body language

When an actor has to start a strong scene, he must start the scene already being in a very strong emotional state. And for that, he needs what is called emotional preparation.

One of the keys to this emotional preparation will be to act on your physiology.

It is one of the simplest and most effective things. Because acting on his physiology only takes a few seconds.

If you punch the air and invest your whole body in it, you will quickly feel that you are entering a state of combativeness.

If you settle down in a comfortable chair, with your hands crossed behind your head, your feet resting on a stool, and adopting calm and regular breathing, you will quickly notice that a state of relaxation begins to set in.

Certain postures called power postures are known to generate a state of power, and this is scientifically proven by analyzing the hormones circulating in the body.

You can use cardiac coherence breathing, for example, to generate a state of calm and focus.

Body Scan relaxation technique

Master your inner monologue to become an actor in your life

Another thing actors do to recreate life in a movie scene or a play is to work on their inner monologue.

In a movie, there is what the character says, and what the character thinks.

And the actor can’t just say the character’s words, he has to think what the character thinks too.

To be an actor in your life, you too can master your inner monologue and change the way you think.

Certain words in particular have powerful effects on your life experience. Words like “Never” or “Always”, “Everyone” or “Nobody”, or certain expressions like “I’m fed up” …

It suffices to repeat a phrase like “I’m fed up, it’s always the same” in a frustrated tone of voice to yourself to generate frustration.

What are the words or expressions you use most often? And what emotions do they generate?

Self Talk Coach

Have a clear goal to be an actor in your life

Another element that is essential for actors to interpret a scene is the objective.

Having a clear, well-defined goal allows you to have something to focus on.

It directs concentration towards what you want to get out of a situation.

For actors, there are generally 2 kinds of lenses: the super-lens and the stage lens.

The super goal is what the character wants throughout the play.

The scene lens is exactly what it seeks to achieve in a particular scene.

For an actor in his life, that could correspond to a long-term goal and a short-term goal.

If my goal is to create a blog that attracts over 50,000 readers per month (long term goal), my short term goal is to write an article that brings you maximum value.

Reach your goal

Being an actor in your life is above all acting!

The mistake of most beginning actors is to focus on emotions rather than actions.

Of course, controlling your emotions is important, but what makes a scene interesting are the actions of the character.

“Complaining” is an action.

“Blaming” or “Blaming” is an action.

“To complain” is an action, etc …

An actor can use these actions to portray an unfriendly and depressed character.

But an actor in his life will choose more inspiring actions.

You can use any of the like “Convince”, “Inspire”, “Encourage”, “Make Dream” to achieve your goal.

What actions do you use most often? And what more effective actions could you develop?

Turn knowledge into action

In conclusion

The profession of an actor consists in recreating the life of a character with all its psychological complexity during a given moment.

To do this, the actors have developed many tools that can be used by everyone to be an actor in their life.

Some allow you to act on emotions, others on actions.

All these tools finally make it possible to no longer endure life as a spectator, but to direct it as an actor in one’s life.

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