7 qualities successful actors have

In this article you will find the 7 qualities needed to become an actor.

7 qualities succesful actors have.

“Know thyself !”

It means nothing to you? This well-known maxim will help you achieve success. The players who succeed know extremely well. They know what triggers their emotions, they know what they want, they know their strengths and weaknesses, and they also know what roles they can match. They have an objective opinion of themselves. This is also why serve the courses, workshops and coaching: to have the advice of a professional who will help us to know us better.

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They are creative.

Both in their acting work in the solutions they found to the problems of launching their careers, how to communicate, how to find the money to form etc … They arrive to find solutions where others fail .


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They know exactly what they want.

We know that we want to become an actor but we know exactly what we want? The players who succeed know exactly what results they want to achieve. They are able to give details. They will not just be an actor, or make a living by playing, but they want to play a fugitive from justice in a Tarantino movie, or play Hamlet at the Theatre du Chatelet …

They have a plan.

They are very good to imagine a plan and a strategy to achieve their goals and become an actor. And once this plan in place, they follow it and adjust according to the results they achieve. Do you have a plan that works step by step in the direction of what you want?

They are motivated.

And their motivation does not fail, because they know exactly what they want and how to get it. They remain motivated despite the difficulties or when they realize that there is much more work to do than they imagined. They know the motivational techniques that will enable them to regain their energy when they need it most.


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They have enough time and money to devote to their careers.

That means they know how to manage their money and are able to win without spending all their time doing a job that depletes food. They prefer to invest their money in their careers rather than spending it at random.

They know their business.

They are entrepreneurs. They see themselves as a business and know how to develop it, from product development to its marketing. They invest in their business because they know it will bring them a lot more. That’s why they do not hesitate to take courses and do internships that allow them to improve. They also know how to sell and become indispensable to their clients. And of course they know the environment in which they wish to work and evolve.


This article comes from my french website : 7 qualités des acteurs qui réussissent


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