How To Choose Your Acting Class

To choose among different acting schools and classes, we must first know what you want. The more you have a clear idea of ​​the actor you want to be and you will determine what you need.

To help you make your choice, here’s a little reminder of the questions:

What will I learn in this acting class ?

The theater during the training content you okay? Do you have the courses you need or will you take other courses also complement (dance, song, etc …)?
Does it match what I want?

What is school guidance? Rather Theatre or Cinema? According to the schools, the approach of acting can completely change. If you want to burlesque theater, go One man show, the musical or become a movie star, you will not have the same needs.
How much is it for how many hours of training?

Pay attention to calculate the hourly cost. Some theater schools offer 9 classes per week, others offer 20 hours for the same price. How are things in his absence? Some schools, you will pay the entire training year even if you stop during the year or that are unable to attend classes for part of the year.

Who are the teachers of acting classes?

This is not the same thing to learn with professionals who work with young actors who come themselves out of drama school. What is their experience, what is their background?

A good teacher is able to see what works and what does not work in your game. And he can tell you exactly what’s missing. If you take acting classes, it’s because you want to improve and gain confidence in you. A good teacher must be hard, but it must be right. It will make you move because you will put pressure and push you to give the best of yourself.

For me, experience is the most important. You know when you are wrong, when you watch you play. If your teacher does not see if your teacher told you it was good when you felt that it was not going at all, there is a problem. On the contrary, if your teacher is still negative but does not give you advice to progress, it serves no purpose.

When you have stage fright before going underway, this is a good sign! And when you’re proud of you leaving, it is as you go!

What is the atmosphere in this acting class ?

The atmosphere, relations between students and teachers is a key criterion. The acting requires human qualities that you need to develop. Play requires a lot of trust in others more than oneself. It is important to find a theater course in which you feel confident, a family with which you can show who you really are and express your emotions. To do this, avoid crowded theater classes and many ask the average number of students per class. A small score seems a maximum, the more students, the less you’ll have time to work, and there are likely to be conflicts.

What is the workspace?

Visit local, you feel good? Can you imagine taking acting classes regularly in this room? Imagine that you will spend many hours in this place. The atmosphere of the place you inevitably influence, and can completely change your experience of acting classes.

This space is there at your disposal to rehearse or work outside of school hours?

What do the students and alumni?

Reviews alumni can help you make your choice.

Some schools claim “the success of their alumni,” even though these students have a one-week course … It’s easy for a theater school to announce a huge rate of integration in the job is more difficult to verify.

What opportunities are offered in the professional world?

If theater courses regularly organizes meetings or representations with professionals, or has an extensive relationship network, it will facilitate your professional integration. You will have more contacts with professionals, the more you learn how the workplace and chances are there to take your place.

I hope I have given you some ideas to help you make the right choice, but your feelings will dictate your final decision. If you feel it or not, your intuition is always right. Trust your instincts!


This article comes from my french blog : Comment choisir son cours de théâtre


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