how to overcome fear of rejection

How To Overcome Fear Of Rejection

The fear of rejection is deeply related to the primitive need to belong to a group to secure our survival. When someone exposes himself regularly to criticisms, is permanently in search for a new project, or is in a competitive field where the selection is always present, one is constantly confronted with the rejection.

Acting is probably one of those crafts where rejection and the fear of rejection are most present. It could be in class where your proposition is rejected by the professor, or a casting where you are not taken, or a project which turns badly, or the negative critics of the public, there are many occasions to feel rejected

Some people manage to overcome the fear of rejection easily, getting rid of their negative feelings as one gets rid of the cold with a good hot bath. For these people, rejection is accepted like being a part of life, and that doesn’t prevent them from feeling confident and motivated. They don’t have fear of rejection, and it is hardly if they can feel rejected.

And then for others, it is more difficult. They replay in their head the moment when they felt rejected, they are discouraged with the idea that they can be rejected again and they end up losing their motivation and their enthusiasm. The fear of the rejection blocks them and prevents from taking risks.

Some give up the idea to become actor, and live a quite quiet life where they will not be exposed to rejection.

And then there are those who work on themselves, who learn how to manage the rejection.


You can learn how to overcome fear of rejection.


To learn with how to overcome fear of rejection, it is important to transform the representation you have of rejection.

Rejection, today, is not as mortal as at the time where being rejected meant duty to ensure its survival and to go to hunt the mammoth all alone with a stone. However, it is possible that you have this feeling, particularly if you lived a traumatizing rejection during your childhood.

You learned to associaterejection with a danger for your survival and it is this training which it is necessary to bring up to date to go beyond the fear of the rejection.

If you become aware that there is around you people who support you and who are interested in you, you will be able to reassure you.

Then,  being rejected doesn’t mean that you are dumb or that you are not worth anything. The rejections which you underwent come from one or several people who have their own point of view on the things, their own waitings, their own concern.

And what they rejected, it is not you entirely, but part of work that you showed them.

Then you can relativize the rejections which you lived, and change the way in which these memories are organized in your memory.

If somebody constantly pointed out to you the situation in which you felt rejected, by showing you a film or an image of this moment for example, you would have good reasons for irritating you.

Actually, it is what you unconsciously do by having negative thoughts about this moment. You have this image in your memory, and display it to you into large. If you move it or if you change its colors or its size, you can notice that your feelings change compared to this moment. By doing this, you can make it inoffensive like an old forgotten stamp.


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