Accepting Your Vulnerability

What is being vulnerable?

When I see the ability of children to move from one emotional state to another, to be true to what they feel, I tell myself that I wish I could have this capability today.

Being vulnerable is having the ability to be touched by others or by events.

In truth, we are all still as vulnerable as when we were kids, but by dint of suffering humiliation, ridicule, attacks, we have built a shell to prevent us from revealing our vulnerability. We do not want others to know that they can hurt us, move us. We often prefer to show us cold and insensitive even though we are touched deep within us.


How your vulnerability can help you play ?

By agreeing to reveal our feelings, accepting to be affected by the other, we learn to connect with others.

One of the difficulties I have as an actor, is to accept to feel something other than what I had planned preparing the stage. So, I tend to reach me and block me.

In one scene, it is often the other will tell you what to do if you let touch. You only have to react instinctively to the situation, and the scene will take off.

Think about the people you love the most, what touches you at home? Think about what made you vulnerable in your childhood, you will surely see that this is still the case today.

Let them reach you by what moves you!

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An exercise to reconnect:

Here is a simple little exercise that I found in the book No Acting Please, Eric Morris and Joan Hotchkis: personal inventory.

It is simply to ask the question “What am I feeling? “And to answer as honestly as possible whispering continuously.

For example :

What am I feeling? I fear that readers are bored, I do not know what to write. What am I feeling? I’m afraid of being judged, I am afraid to express my vulnerability. I hear the sounds of the street distracting me. What am I feeling? I tense shoulders, I breathe little. Now I breathe better. What am I feeling? I feel stupid to do this alone at my computer telling me that someone will read it all. What am I feeling? I’m pretty happy to do it anyway. I feel stressed and unsure of myself. I need to reassure me.

In this exercise, you will definitely feel ridiculous at first (like me in the example above), but you learn to be aware and accept, and especially to do with.

When you agree to be vulnerable, to find what you feel deep within yourself, you become true. Find this truth is a daily quest and soon you will be paid and applauded for that! But the greatest satisfaction will come from this truth itself.

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Remember to leave me a comment on this article how you manage your vulnerability?

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