Compulsive Eating : 5 Hypnosis Techniques That Work

Learn how to slow down your eating urges with our simple techniques and effective self-hypnosis

Self hypnosis, an effective method against compulsive eating

Do you suffer from compulsive eating? You have tried everything and nothing seems to work for you?

It may be time to take a look at self hypnosis for manage your food compulsions.

It’s a method we’re talking about more and more, and can be really effective.

It works well to treat various addictions (tobacco, alcohol), anxiety disorders,  or phobias.

People suffering from compulsive eating disorders are often misunderstood environment, which considers this to be nibbling and lack of control.

But it’s in reality a very deep pathology that causes people to swallow very quickly a huge amount of food. It’s uncontrollable, and it does not bring any pleasure.

The Food compulsions usually originate in a personal story complex.

Lack of self-confidence, difficulty managing emotions and addiction are, for example, avenues to explore.

And it just happens that self hypnosis can help you in this specific situation.

What is self hypnosis?


Self hypnosis is a technique of hypnosis that one practices directly on oneself.

It is not not a hypnotist who runs the session, but yourself. Thanks to a precise methodology, it is possible to put yourself alone in a state of hypnosis, and to communicate with your subconscious.

That’s how you can change your behavior and bring back serenity in his life. On the other hand, self-hypnosis still requires some discipline.

It takes time for yourself, without phone or noise, and focus on your goal.

But if you are really motivated, anything is possible.

5 techniques to control your compulsive eating disorder

In the specific case of food compulsion behaviors, you will first need define an autosuggestion.

It’s a positively turned phrase that will define your goal.

You can for example try something like “I’m growing to listening to my emotions and sensations of my body. I only eat when I have hunger. I eat in consciousness, slowly, and savoring every bite. I feed my body with healthy food, in reasonable quantity. “.

Then you can apply different techniques proposed below.

Record an audio script

You can simply start by preparing a script, a kind of hypnosis text, and by recording it.

At the moment, there are very good examples on the Internet that are adapted to every situation.

You can obviously customize your script according to your sensitivity and your autosuggestion phrase. Then take your phone and save yourself reading it, with a soft, calm voice.

Listen to this recording once a day if possible, putting yourself in a comfortable position. After a few weeks, if you practice regularly and your script is well built, you will see positive results.

You can use a hypnosis sessions recorded by professionals such as this one : Overcome Compulsive Eating.

Abdominal breathing technique

If you are not comfortable with the idea of ​​registering and then listening, here is another technical.

Prepare your autosuggestion phrase, and put yourself in a quiet place. Repeat your autosuggestion 5 times in your head, then close your eyes and concentrate on your breath.

Take great breaths by swelling your stomach, hold your breath a few seconds, then breathe out on your stomach.

Everything has to be fluid, and you have to really focus your mind on your feelings as you breathe. Let your thoughts without giving them importance, and always come back to your breath and your belly.

When you feel that you are well relaxed and that the meeting is coming to an end (about fifteen minutes or more if needed), go back gradually and open your eyes.

Third Eye Technique

Starting always the same way, close your eyes, relax and think about your

Take 10 great inspirations imagining that light fills your lungs. At expiration, expel the negative energies. Keep breathing, and focus your attention on the middle of your forehead. Imagine your third eye and let your intuition appear.

Maybe you will see pictures, or you will hear messages. Or you may not see anything at all. Whatever, let it come without reflect.

Then, when you feel it, end the session fluidly by returning to your physical sensations.

Solar plexus technique

Put yourself in a comfortable position, and put your hand on your solar plexus. It’s the center of self-confidence, and it is generally attributed the yellow color, as the sun.

Close your eyes, and repeat your autosuggestion phrase several times. Breathe calmly and deeply, paying attention to your plexus.

Now, start to imagine a very bright yellow energy bubble. She grows up around your plexus, and radiates a nice, positive energy.

Watch her grow up and slowly surround your body. Feel the sensations of warmth and comfort that it brings you.

Stay in your yellow bubble for several minutes and enjoy this deep well-being. When you will be ready, and filled with confidence in yourself and in your power of self-suggestion, take a great inspiration and come back to your body.

Open your eyes and pay attention to your sensations.

Counting Technique

Finally, if you have a little trouble visualizing mentally, you can also use a
counting of numbers. Sit down and think about your autosuggestion.

Then, stare a specific point in front of you. Perform 3 breaths with the belly, and at the third inspiration, hold your breath a few seconds.

Close your eyes, and exhale deeply and calmly. Then do a count of 25 to 1 (you can hear thenumbers, or see them scroll).

Once arrived at 1, mentally repeat your autosuggestion dozens of times, to saturate your mind.

Then go back to the real world counting this time from 1 to 3. At number 3, you will open your eyes and feel soothed.

To summarize

These different techniques of self-hypnosis will help you to master your compulsions food.

You can learn them alone, or go see a hypnotherapist who advise. It is also possible to listen to videos or recordings that will induce a form of hypnosis.

However, the success of these techniques is based on a very regular practice and a calm atmosphere. If you keep your phone on and that you only practice it once, the results will not be there.

But if you are really motivated and want to take your problems in hand, self-hypnosis is a excellent technique that will give you confidence in yourself and your personal power.


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