7 habits that stop you from having a good night sleep

“The night is made to sleep” sings a famous rapper. He could have added: to sleep well preferably. For Morpheus tends to put too many rabbits at a population of insomniacs who constantly hunt better sleep.

“As one makes one’s bed one goes to bed,” says the proverb. But the state of the bedding is not always responsible for the absence of a lead sleep.

And if avoiding some exciting before going to bed already solved part of the problem and provided better sleep?

Attempt to resolve a conflict

An argument, especially with his half, is usually synonymous with restless night. The grudges, tensions and reproaches that turn in a loop in the head guarantee you a sleepless night or highly fragmented.

To broach the words exchanged in anger, or on the contrary to imagine those which you should have said, is the best way of not getting to sleep well.

Absolutely wanting to resolve a conflict at a time when your bed calls you, is the least effective sleeping pills.

Let go, put your annoyances on pause: the night brings advice and tomorrow is another day. You will have the opportunity to calmly discuss and set your record straight. This will save you from counting hours without turning a blind eye.

Once tensions are relieved after having managed to sleep well, it will be an opportunity to eventually make peace on the pillow.

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Abuse nap

A nap yes, a second night no!

It is undeniable that a nap done in the middle of the day, after lunch, is a source of benefits. It is a physiological need and the possibility for many to recharge their batteries. The vivacity of the spirit is impregnated, the memory is dulled, the stress is evacuated and the cardiovascular system put back into protection mode.

Take advantage of this time of rest if the conditions allow you, but do not overdo it, on pain of annoying a better sleep once the sandman passed.

  • The nap must be done before 14:30.
  • It should not last more than 30 minutes.
  • Sleep must not be deep, otherwise the night capital will be damaged.

Even in case of sleep debt to be filled, do not exceed 90 minutes. To sleep well during the night, the sleep pressure must be strong enough at bedtime. To continue the nap beyond the recommended limit will have the consequence of destroying the quality of your night with frequent awakenings.

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Sports at night

After 8 pm, this good habit is transformed into an enemy of sleep. If you want to put on your side every chance to enjoy a better sleep, skip your gym, running or cycling 3 hours before bedtime.

The evening is for many the ideal time to play sports. Yet performed at a late hour, it contributes to disrupt the rhythm of sleep: the secreted endorphins act as a self-timer and the body, stimulated, gives the starter. It will take a good time to find a relaxation conducive to falling asleep.

Playing sports in the early evening is therefore incompatible with diving into the land of dreams and sleeping well.
Opt for the morning or afternoon whenever possible, to indulge in this kind of activity.

Drink a last drink

If alcohol is to drink in moderation, it is downright forbidden before going to bed.

Too much alcohol consumed in the course of the evening may encourage a drowsy sleepiness and allow you to fall asleep just as a mass in bed, but a sleep of lead will not be at the rendezvous.

Alcohol, responsible for many awakenings and a decrease in deep sleep, impacts the cycle of the latter. Your rest will be less restorative, interspersed with successive phases of awakening.

This session will help you manage your drinking habit if needed : Moderate Drinking

Also avoid tea or coffee, other energy drinks not to say exciting. To sleep well, prefer a cup of hot milk or herbal tea: they will generate a better sleep.

Invite your screen in your bed

It is already invading your days, do not let it prevent you from sleeping well. If you want a better sleep, be aware that the light from the screen of your smartphone or computer is an enemy of size. The pupil is excited and the brain is amazed by the brightness of these devices that stimulates and misleads them: “everyone on the bridge, it’s time to wake up!”

In addition, by keeping the screens a few centimeters from the eyes, melatonin, the sleep hormone, sees its production decrease in intensity. The unwanted awakenings during the night will only be more favored.

If the toxicity to the body of the blue light is regularly questioned, one thing is certain: it does not contribute to a better sleep.

Exit therefore this annoying mania to consult your mails or to surf on the social networks at bed time.

It may be good to take a Digital Detox !

Take a good book or take care of your spouse : there is evidence that engaging in some sexual entertainment before closing your eyes helps to sleep well.

Note: It is imperative to sleep in total darkness to enjoy a better sleep. It is the absence of light that allows the optimized secretion of melatonin, the essential hormone for sleeping well.

Eat more than reason

“Sleeping has dinner”, it is still necessary that the stomach does not cry hunger when going to bed, because an empty stomach has never facilitated a restful rest.

Conversely, a belly too full also prevents good sleep: difficult digestion and nightmares may disturb the night, moving your rest.

If it happens that in the evening, on the occasion of a restaurant outing or an invitation, you let yourself go to some excesses, the best is to wait 2 hours after the end of the meal to sleep.

Attention also to the quality of the meal ingested: fatty, fried or spicy, the food will be responsible for an additional effort asked to the digestive tract in particular and to the organism in general. The intense thirst that may ensue will cause many awakenings to drink and therefore to urinate.

Better to eat healthy and in small quantities at night.


Sleeping in overheated atmosphere

The temperature of the resting place also plays a decisive role in generating a better sleep.

Sleeping well when the room is too heated is the realm of dreams. The body has a horror of that, and your brain, always alert even at the darkest hours of the night, will be happy to wake you up with fanfare.

Sweaty body and dry throat, you will emerge from an uncomfortable lethargy. Better to play Sleeping Beauty in a temperature between 18 and 20 degrees. It is also better for your skin which will avoid dehydration too important. When you wake up, your Prince Charming will find you always so fresh and eternally desirable.

Do not hesitate to leave your window ajar all year round: the cold keeps. While warm under the duvet, you will enjoy a better sleep.

One last tip to make your sleep the best: avoid as much as possible taking sleeping pills that turns quickly addictive.


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